Where are you based?
I live in Wellington, New Zealand. I often tour around the country too – you can find out about my upcoming tours here.

How do I make an appointment?
Get in touch with me by text on 0204 0626071 or email. Let me know your name, what service you’re after, how long you’d like to book for, and an approximate or exact time and day. The perfect enquiry looks something like this:

Hi Odette, I would like to book you for a 90 minute PSE with Greek. Are you available tomorrow some time after 6pm? Thanks, John

I prefer texts to calls for initial enquiries, simply because I’m not always somewhere that it is convenient to talk. I don’t answer calls from blocked numbers.

Do you see couples?
I don’t, sorry! Many other beautiful escorts in Wellington do, however, so I’m sure you will find someone else to join you.

I really want to see you, but can only manage times outside your listed hours.
I can be flexible with my availability, but need sufficient notice and depending on when exactly you want to book, might need to charge an out-of-hours fee (usually $50). Appointments outside my listed availability usually mean I need to change my sleeping or training schedule, and the fee is to account for this.

Wow, you must go to the gym a lot.
Not technically a question, but thank you! I do spend a fair bit of time at the gym. If you’ve got a muscle fetish that you’d like to indulge, then we will probably get along well.

Are your photos real?
Yep! They’re minimally edited (usually just lightly colour-corrected) and if you go to my gallery page you can see photoshoots dating back a few years, as well. Plus I show my face in my pictures – if they were of someone else it would be pretty obvious, I think!

Do you squirt?
Sometimes – I don’t offer this as a ‘service’ because I can’t guarantee it. If it happens, usually it will be during anal/Greek, so booking my PSE or Anal Angel is the best option if you’d like to experience this.

What do you enjoy?
Lots of things! I really enjoy building a dynamic with each person I meet, but I do especially love anal play and Greek. (Sample quote from a satisfied customer: “wow you weren’t kidding about how much you love Greek”).

What are your COVID protocols?
I’m keeping them updated to adhere to the latest Govt guidance – contact me or check my Twitter for the most up-to-date information – I adjust what I’m doing (or not doing) as the situation develops. I RAT test regularly and wear an N-95 on planes/public transport as a precaution when traveling. Please don’t come to see me if you’re feeling under the weather, if you’re waiting on a COVID test result or if you’re a household contact of a current case! If you’re avoiding face-to-face meetings, I offer video calls or pre-recorded erotic videos if you’d like some virtual company.

How do you groom your body hair?
Everything is neatly groomed, but I do have some hair down there. I let my armpits grow au natural and shave my legs.

Can you wear XYZ for our appointment?
I’m happy to take outfit requests – remember to let me know when you book though. If you message with a request two minutes before you’re due to arrive it will probably be too late!

Why aren’t your ads up all the time?
I’ve been an escort for a few years now and I have a number of regular clients who I love seeing – I enjoy developing a dynamic with someone where we get to know what makes the other tick! I’ll always prioritize appointments with people who I have met before, and do my best to make time to see them. If my ads aren’t up, it’s likely that I’m busy with other exciting projects, and have put a pause on accepting new clients. You’re always welcome to inquire about if I could find a time to meet when this happens, but it’s likely you’ll need to give more notice than usual.

I’d like to get you a gift. Can I bring flowers/chocolate/etc?
Gifts are lovely but absolutely not expected or required. If you really want to, the best thing you could get me is a Unity Books voucher – I like supporting local stores, and I can virtually always find ten things I want to buy within thirty seconds of walking in there. Flowers are also lovely and always appreciated. I don’t drink, so a gift of wine is only going to be re-gifted! I also have a wishlist which you can find here, if that catches your fancy.

Can you come to visit me?
I do offer Fly Me To You bookings within New Zealand. A FMTY appointment must be for a minimum of three hours, and you need to cover all travel costs as well as my usual fee. A deposit is required to confirm a booking like this – email me to discuss.

Can you come on holiday with me?
Maybe – I only offer extended appointments to someone who I have met before. It’s important to me to make sure we get along before committing to spending several days together! A good option is to come and see me for an hour or two, and we can discuss a possible holiday in between rounds.

I really want to book an appointment for Greek but I’m worried that my package is simply too big. Many women have screamed or fainted when I have revealed my enormous endowment. Can I send you a photo so you can tell me what you think?
I promise I am exceedingly accommodating in that department and to date this has never been an issue. No need to send unsolicited photos!

What’s the deal with deposits?
I may sometimes require a small deposit to secure your appointment – I’ll let you know if this is the case when you book. I have multiple options for how these can be paid, and they are transferable if you cancel with sufficient notice. I’ll let you know exactly how much notice is required based on the duration, location, and time of the booking. In the unlikely event I need to cancel, I will refund the deposit in full. If you cancel without giving sufficient notice, I will keep the deposit as a cancellation fee to partially compensate me for my time and the loss of other bookings.

Oh no, I need to cancel our appointment!
I understand that sometimes things crop up unexpectedly, so please let me know as soon as you realise you won’t be able to make your appointment. At my discretion, a cancellation made after I have begun preparing for our date, and/or too late for me to make other plans may incur a cancellation fee, to partially compensate me for my time. This will need to be paid before I accept any further bookings from you.I’m pretty understanding but cancellations on short notice cost me time and money, since I typically travel to my incall specifically to see you, and affect how I schedule the rest of my day.

Do you offer filming?
I don’t offer filming as an extra in my appointments, and don’t allow any photos or videos to be taken of our sessions. However I do sometimes make videos for my fan sites. If you’d be interested in being in one of these please feel free to send a polite text introducing yourself, and I’ll let you know more about what this involves. (I film with condoms, so please don’t expect this to be a way around my health and safety protocols). I regularly tour to Auckland, Christchurch, and Hamilton, so I’m open to inquiries from people based in these cities as well as Wellington.