Domination – Mistress Claudia

I have several years of experience in offering professional domination/dominatrix services under the alter-ego Mistress Claudia, and I own a fairly wide array of BDSM equipment. Previously I have run my own dungeon space, but these days I see a small number of established clientele in more conventional/domestic settings, as my style as a Domme has evolved to be more focused on dynamic and less on the surroundings. My style as a Mistress is natural and commanding: it simply doesn’t occur to me that my orders wouldn’t be obeyed. I am interested especially in sensory play, and my style is quite organic, sensual and erotic, producing an environment of intensity and eventual release.

After closing my books for a few years, I have decided to take on a small number of new submissive/fetishist clients. Domination services for me are heavily reliant on the dynamic which evolves between myself and a submissive, and as such I am quite choosy about what activities I offer. However, I’m very comfortable seeing clients who are brand new to BDSM/submission – if you’d like an introductory session where we try several things to see what ‘clicks’ I’m happy to accommodate this.

My areas of specialization include:

-Strap-on/anal play/prostate massage

-Tie and tease

-Caning/spanking/impact play

-Body worship/facesitting/Queening

-Muscle worship

-Golden showers

-Verbal humiliation, in particular SPH and muscle domination

-Transformative crossdressing. I do not have a full crossdresser wardrobe, but if you would like a safe space to dress up, play and explore as your alter-ego (or true self) I am happy to provide this. The exact dynamic of a session like this can be negotiated according to your specific needs and desires – please contact me to discuss further.

When you contact me to enquire about an appointment, make sure you give some information about what exactly you would like to experience, or any specific interests. “I’m looking for an hour of domination” is not sufficient, because it doesn’t contain enough useful information. I bring only the equipment I need for each session, so accurately conveying your desires is essential. If you aren’t exactly sure of what you’re after, but have a few ideas that could be a starting point, that’s fine too – but I do need some idea of what you have in mind. My ideal session is one where both you and I leave having enjoyed ourselves, and knowing what your desires are is key to achieving that. I do not engage in power-play or D/s dynamics outside of a negotiated scene, and the process of booking/discussing an appointment will not include a D/s dynamic.

Session costs:
1 hour: from $300 (does NOT include full service)
Express caning/spanking ONLY (non-nude, does not include hand relief): $120

If you are interested primarily in the look of a Mistress (i.e. PVC, stockings, etc) or if you want a full service experience with some dominant elements (maybe I am the one calling the shots, or you enjoy strap-on play as well as more conventional activities) then my PSE service might be closer to what you’re after.